Monday, September 19, 2011

Energy Monitor Highs and Lows

The current sensor just arrived from ITeadstudio. It is exactly the same 200A model mentioned by Dave

I am all ready to go with final assembly and coding of the prototype, when an old problem I'd forgotten all about reared it's ugly head: the prototype shield sold by SparkFun will not clear the ethernet shield, also sold by SparkFun. Arrrrgggg.

What's complicating this is the fact that I happily soldered-in the header connector components without checking the length of the "tails". Surely every shield they sell will mate to any other shield, right?

Wrong. The tails on the headers for the protoshield are 10mm long. You need 15mm long tails in order for the shield to clear the big RJ45 connector that sticks up high off the board and the 10mm tails won't clear it. But the 15 mm ones will. I have no clue why I didn't get 15mm ones on the protoshield - the fully assembled ethernet shield came with 15mm ones.

So I'm ordering replacement header connectors from Jameco and using solder wick to try to remove the headers I installed without damaging the board. If I can get the old, short ones out and clear the holes, then it'll be simple to install the new ones.

By the way: the Freetronics guys are doing it right. Check out their EtherTen for an Arduino with a built-in POE capable Ethernet interface, and the cool, compatible protoshield-short. Ahhhh. It's good to see an Arduino vendor with enthusiasm and energy to think about their products!

Stay tuned - a few days to get the new headers in and try the desoldering operation. I'll post photos, success.....OR failure!

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