Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Stuff over at OpenEnergyMonitor

The gents over at OpenEnergyMonitor have taken the power and are making a difference. If you've not checked 'em out in awhile, they've changed their gateway web page to explain all the fantastic, creative technical things they've been up to!

These guys don't mess around. Check out their goodies!


  1. Shucks, there are some problems on the Build a System link, but hopefully it will be back up. Seems like a cool system. I'd love to have a smart meter!

    I've been stalking the other smart meter related links on your blog too. Have you considered throwing down links page with organized links to stuff by topic?

  2. Hmm why does my RSS feed keep messing with me trying to convince me that these are new posts? lol... darn you google reader.