Friday, September 30, 2011

Parts From Jameco

The parts from Jameco are finally here. Sheesh - when they meant 7-10 days shipping, they were not kidding. Exactly 2 weeks from order placement to having the box on my doorstep.

The materials arrived in perfect condition. They aren't the cheapest source on the 'net for parts, but Jameco does a good job when it comes to filling orders. Every type of component in it's own bag, all in one giant sealed bag. It's painful easy to inventory your order and you can do so without opening the small bags - so you can make sure everything's in order, and if not, easily send it back. Nice!

I immediately unpacked and checked the length of the tails on the new header connectors - 15mm, just as advertised. This weekend I should be able to get time to cut off and unsolder the stock headers. The little wise voice in my head says I should order the "Protoshield Short" from Freetronics as a backup in case I destroy this one trying to get things unsoldered. I think I'll make a first attempt on only one of the pins just to make sure I can do it before I go hacking and slashing, because I know I could simply "nest" a set of spare connectors under the protoshield to clear the ethernet jack, and keep on going. It would look terrible and probably not work worth a damn as a long-term solution, but it would work well enough to continue development.

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