Thursday, May 29, 2014

Arduino Power Monitoring Update

Well, I have to give props to this instructable:

The guy does a good job coming up with the shield...and fine-tunes the circuits nicely....

THAT GUY, Part 2

Recall my prior post in which I revealed that I am becoming "That Guy". 

I'm becoming a guy who rides his ebike 32 miles from his house to the office, every day. People in their cars look at me with curiosity, disdain and maybe even disgust. Maybe they even think I'm a freak of some kind.

I look back at them with pity knowing that while they sit there in the metal box, they are burning more money right now than they can possibly afford. 

Even if they are wealthy, they are wasting money if they are commuting in a car. 

And don't get me wrong. Some days, I drive the metal box too. But I feel terrible about it, I hate every minute of it and I'm sorry for the dollar bills spewing out the tailpipe.