Tuesday, April 18, 2017

I'm Not Dead Yet

So there's this point in Monty Python's Holy Grail where a dude tries to get rid of an old guy who's not dead yet, by trying to talk the fellow pulling a wagonload of bodies around that he's dead. Old guy keeps weakly protesting "I'm Not Dead Yet!"....

Not only am I not dead yet, I've got news. This blog will also be appearing on the new domain name openwattmonitor.com as blog.openwattmonitor.com.

Many, many projects and life events have interfered with the purpose of this blog: The adventure of measuring one's power usage, becoming more efficient, then pursuing renewable sources of energy.

No more.

What's different now than before? Well, in addition to being enthusiastic about efficiency and renewable energy, I've recently become ANGRY about my own delays in reaching the energy goals of this blog. WHY, you say? Well, remember this little event:


I recently learned from an employee of my own Electric Membership Corporation, that "we" are going to have to pay for that cleanup. I blew a gasket. Not at the employee of WakeEMC. Just in general, because I know what to do, but I've not done it.

First, research coal ash so I'm informed. That's happening.

Second, complete all my energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

Holy smokes, I've not done any of my renewable and efficiency projects. WTF is wrong with me....that's got to change....

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